The Diploma is accredited and awarded by EduQual (level 7). EduQual is a regulated awarding body who uses a dedicated team of professionals with many years’ experience in designing, developing, delivering, and awarding qualifications. To become recognised as an EduQual-approved Centre there are comprehensive quality assurance processes and procedures to follow. These procedures are designed to safeguard the integrity and validity of EduQual-accredited qualifications and EduQual-accredited assessment methodology. This means that the content and delivery of the SmileFast Implant Diploma must meet these robust criteria to deliver an approved and quality curriculum.
SmileFast is a business that not only provides education and courses, but we are also a dental laboratory, producing all of the SmileFast Direct stents, ceramics, implant crowns and various other dental products. In addition, we have bespoke products that assist our dentists in implementing the simplified protocols we teach, such as the bur kits and the SmileFast Heater. As such, we have multiple revenue streams allowing us to layer profit across different products, not all in one area such as the course fee.

The ethos behind SmileFast has always been to make good quality dentistry available to EVERY dentist and EVERY patient. We stand by this ethos in everything we do, and the SmileFast implant Diploma is just another example of how we have re-worked and re-engineered a traditional (and usually very expensive) process to make contemporary general dentistry more cost-effective and more available to those who want to learn and progress their careers.

We want to break down the barriers to learning implants and high course fees was one of those barriers. Now we have a business model which gives you great value, as well as maintaining a high standard of education.
Fazeela Khan Osbourne and Jon Swarbrigg are the lead clinicians for the SmileFast Diploma in Implant Dentistry. Combined they have over 30 year’s experience in implant dentistry and have both partaken and taught on MSc and Diploma courses. If you click on their image on the home page then you can see their full bio.

The clinical mentors that will assist on the Diploma have been chosen due to their long-standing clinical excellence and reputation within the profession, as well as for their post-graduate higher education qualifications and teaching experience. The mentors are located all around the country so that any Diploma Delegate will have access to a more local mentor throughout the course.
The Diploma teaches the principles of implant placement and restorative dentistry. It will cover all concepts and understandings of different theory, techniques and rationales behind implant choice and placement. What is taught can be applied to any implant system, however all implant componentry for the entire 12-month Diploma will be provided by BioHorizons. This is all covered under the course fee, in addition to a FREE implant surgical motor. You can find out more about BioHorizens by visiting
The 6 hands-on surgical days will be at the following hotel address:
The Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow, London, UB3 5BP.
Dates will be confirmed in your welcome email.

In addition to these surgical days, you will have implant placement days which will be arranged with the assigned mentor more local to you. You will be able to have your own patients attend these days where you will be supervised in placement of their implants. In some instances, you may be able to arrange the mentor to visit your practice so that you can treat your patients in your own environment – but this will have to be arranged in advance and will be at the mentors discretion.
There is no additional fee. Placement days will be at your mentors practice local to you and the patient will be referred from your own practice to the mentor. The mentor will take the placement fee from the patient to cover their costs. This placement fee will usually be at a reduced/discounted rate to encourage your patients towards this treatment. We will advise you on suggested pricing for this. As part of your Diploma course fee we will provide the implants and components for all of the 10 implants you will be able to place throughout the 12-month course duration.
Our mentor team felt the best way to develop your experience was from speaking to your own patients about implants and to start looking for cases as you go through your Diploma journey. We will guide you as part of the course on how to speak to patients, case selection and how to market implants in your practice. We will suggest discounted prices for the implants to help you generate the cases and to maximise your experience throughout the course.
As part of the Implant Diploma course fee, you will receive the 10 implants, and all the associated components for these, to enable you to place these throughout the 12-month programme.

Your patient will be encouraged to uptake the implant treatment via discounted costs. The mentor assisting you will take the placement fee, but after 4-months or so, when the implants are ready to be restored, you will be able to charge the patient for the restorative parts of their treatment. We will explain how to cost this up-front, so your patients are fully aware of all fees and charges at the beginning of their implant journey.
The SmileFast Implant Diploma programme constitutes 130 hours of accredited education which consist of online learning, literature review and written assessments. In addition to the 6 surgical days, and the days organised with your assigned mentor for implant placements, there will be 12 online modules through our online learning platform, this is a flexible learning platform allowing you to fit your learning around your practice and family commitments, online modules will be released in 3 month blocks.
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